Thank you for visiting iCalendar. This site is devoted to promoting the iCalendar standard, an open standard for exchanging calendar and scheduling information between users and computers.

It is hoped this site will help foster the use of iCalendar and open standards. The iCalendar Validator provides developers and testers a method to validate their iCalendar feeds, which takes data from a URL, file or text snippet and compares it against the RFC specification.

We believe we have one of the best validation tools available on the internet. More information about the validator can be found here. The standard allows products from many vendors to transfer calendar information between each other.

The iCalendar open standard should not be confused with iCal, the former name for the commercial product "Calendar" developed by Apple Computer. The pairing of these two individuals from competing software companies highlighted the need at that time for companies to work together to provide interoperability standards between calendar products. This interoperability continues to the present day extending support to new technologies such as web site calendar services, smart phones and tablets.

This resolved some ambiguities from the original standard as well as deprecated a few features that were no longer needed. Today, iCalendar is used to import and synchronize events on various platforms, including smart phones, computer and web applications. Multiple sections of the same type can be repeated. The WebDAV standard enables editing web sites remotely. This standard has been extended to create the CalDAV standard.

Calendar clients such as Mozilla's Sunbird and Apple's Calendar applications allow editing of events that reside on a remote server. Although the iCalendar specification is very detailed and covers many aspects of calendaring and scheduling, users have found some features lacking in the standard. Fortunately, the standard is extensible and provides a method of adding additional information to an iCalendar data stream.

Since these features are not part of the standard, support for them will vary from vendor to vendor.


A few of these extensions are listed here. The original iCalendar standard allowed only plain text as part of an event description. HTML markup, such as font attributes bold, underline and layout div, table was not allowed in the text description field. This field has become the method of choice when including HTML in a description.


The original iCalendar standard provided a single element for a location description. This proved inadequate for some who wanted to include additional information about the location, including address, contact information and a description of the location. Although it was never fully adopted as an RFC, this document provides a standard method for transferring venue information where the iCalendar standard is lacking.

Welcome Thank you for visiting iCalendar. The iCalendar Standard Introduction iCalendar is a standard method of transferring calendar information between computer systems.

iCal Events

Extending the iCalendar Standard Although the iCalendar specification is very detailed and covers many aspects of calendaring and scheduling, users have found some features lacking in the standard.Follow us on FacebookTwitter and other social networks. Displays a calendar in iCalendar format according to a template. Similar to davcalicalicalendar. Tagged with calendar. Many calendars can export their entries in the iCalendar RFC format.

This plugin is almost a complete rewrite, integrating the features of the unmaintained fork icalendar. Running older PHP versions is a security risk anyway. Even PHP 5. Instead of a URLit is also possible to specify a local media file:. The plugin can be configured in the configuration manager.

You can specify templates there. In a template, the following magic strings will be recognized and replaced for each event:. Caching of the wiki page will be disabled if one of the following conditions holds:. If you need caching for performance reasons, make sure to use a fixed time range and an external URLwhich can of course point to a media file your DokuWiki installation.

Even if none of the above conditions is true, it can make sense to disable caching, e. The following deprecated parameters are supported for backwards compatibility with older versions and compatibility with the deprecated icalendar plugin.

Please use the new syntax as above. User Tools Log In. Site Tools Search. Development manual. Get involved.The file format is specified in a proposed internet standard RFC for calendar data exchange. For example, certain events can be sent by traditional email or whole calendar files can be shared and edited by using a WebDav server, or SyncML. Simple web servers using just the HTTP protocol are often used to distribute iCalendar data about an event and to publish busy times of an individual.

The filename extension of ics is to be used for files containing calendaring and scheduling information, ifb for files with free or busy time information consistent with this MIME content type. Lines should be limited to 75 octets not characters long. Where a data item is too long to fit on a single line it can be continued on following lines by starting the continuation lines with a space character in hex: 20 or a tab character in hex: The iCalendar format is designed to transmit calendar-based data, such as events, and intentionally does not describe what to do with that data.

Thus, other programming may be needed to negotiate what to do with this data. While the features most often used by users are widely supported by iCalendar, some more advanced capabilities have problems. VTODOs have had conversion problems as well.

The memo "Calendar Access Protocol" RFC was an initial attempt at a universal system to create real-time calendars.

Add, modify, or delete events in Calendar on Mac

This protocol was eventually abandoned, possibly because of excessive complexity. The top-level element in iCalendar is the Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object, a collection of calendar and scheduling information.

Typically, this information will consist of a single iCalendar object. However, multiple iCalendar objects can be grouped together. The body of the iCalendar object the icalbody is made up of a list of calendar properties and one or more calendar components. The calendar properties apply to the entire calendar.

The calendar components are several calendar properties which create a calendar schematic design. Empty lines are not allowed in some versions of usage Google calendar. There are many different types of components which can be used in iCalendar, as described below.

Normally, when a user accepts the calendar event, this will cause that time to be considered busy. VEVENT also is used for calendar events without a specific time, such as anniversaries and daily reminders.


The other component property to be set is:. The following is an example of a to-do due on April 15, They attach descriptive text to a particular calendar date, may be used to record a daily record of activities or accomplishments, or describe progress with a related to-do entry.

The following is an example of a journal entry: [nb 5]. The following is an example of published busy time information: [nb 10]. The UID field distributes updates when a scheduled event changes. When the event is first generated a globally unique identifier is created.

If a later event is distributed with the same UID, it replaces the original one.

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It has the. After iCalendar was released, the Internet Mail Consortium stated that it "hopes that all vCalendar developers take advantage of these new open standards and make their software compatible with both vCalendar 1.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Apple's Calendar application previously named iCal. Main article: xCal. The "Guide to Internet Calendaring" RFC explains how iCalendar interacts with other calendar computer language current and future. For example the Hebrew calendar year may contain either 12 or 13 months, and the Japanese Emperor-based calendar scale contains many eras. September Internet Engineering Task Force. Retrieved The plugin tries to deal with some of the problems that occur.

Create and edit events inside wordpress. Own ics feed. Integrates with wordpress so you have wp features like feeds by author, tags, categories, taxonomies.

Plugins that work with post types can integrate. This addon provides additional functionality to display attendee information. The attendee information must of course be available in the ics file or in your events inside wp.

Guarantee and Limitation of Liability While much testing is done on a variety of sites and with a variety of data, there is no guarantee that any plugin will work seamlessly on your specific installation. You are responsible for testing the integration. Events can be grouped by date formats or by categories, tags or custom taxonomies. Events can be grouped by days, weeks, months and some funkier options that no one will probably ever use, but I liked the challenge!

Actually I imagined one could do some seasonal styling perhaps? I received a question about whether the plugin could style dates in the way the little purple date is shown in the header image of the website and the plugins wordpress page.

The calendars shown in the header are taken from real live examples of the plugin being used in various sites.

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How to use custom css without losing it when there is an upgrade.Calendar is a personal calendar app made by Apple Inc. It offers online cloud backup of calendars using Apple's iCloud service, or can synchronize with other calendar services, including Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Server. Originally released as a free download for Mac OS X v Apple licensed the iCal name from Brown Bear Softwarewho have used it for their iCal application since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from ICal Events. For the Unix calendar package, see ical Unix.

View all events in 10.5’s iCal

For the computer file format, see iCalendar. Rhapsody Developer Release Hera Server 1. Brown Bear Software. Retrieved June 12, Retrieved November 2, Archived from the original on August 28, Mac Rumors. March 31, September 19, July 26, January 2, Retrieved August 19, Retrieved August 31, Software by Apple.

Classroom Schoolwork. Calendaring software. History Architecture Components Server Software.Calendars are interactive, and can be for personal use, for sharing among users in your office over your intranet, and for use by Internet users around the world. It is an event calendar that can be used for scheduling meetings, events, vacations, menus, or just about anything else.

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This calendar can be for personal use or for sharing on your Intranet or Internet. Brown Bear Software - www. About Us. Contact Us. Displaying calendars to the public on your web site Scheduling meetings, vacations, or any kind of events Keeping track of employee availability Room or equipment reservations Anything else you can think of! Try out some live calendars with our on-line demos, or set up your own private trial installation on our servers.

Examples of adding images, customizing your calendar, IDT files and more. Exchange data with other calendar systems using the iCalendar data exchange format.

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Differences between iCal and Calcium. Download iCal and see how easy it is to use. The Demo is fully functional; the only limitations are that you cannot create more than one calendar, and a link to our web page is displayed. Go to iCal Downloads. Get details on obtaining a fully registered and supported version of iCal, or upgrading your existing copy.

Order iCal. More testimonials. Use iCal For:. What is iCal? Learn more about iCal. New Features. A list of what's new in iCal version 4. A list of the primary features of iCal. Commonly asked questions and answers. Tips and Tricks.In the Calendar app on your Mac, do one of the following:. You can also double-click at a time or in the All-Day section at the top, then fill in the event window. Select the suggestion to use it, or press Esc to ignore it.

As you enter an event name using any of these methods, suggestions appear based on existing events. To reuse event details for an event at a new time, enter a different time before entering the event name.

Quickly create events in Calendar by entering the name and other event details using natural language. Create a new event: Click the Add button in the Calendar toolbar, then enter a description of your event.

As you enter an event name, suggestions based on previously entered events may appear. To create the event in a calendar other than the default, click and hold the Add button. You can change your default calendar in General preferences. Ask Siri. Copy details from a previous event: Double-click an event whose details you want to replace, or force click the event. Select the title, start typing the same title as the event whose details you want to copy, then choose the event to copy from the suggestions list.

Events written in natural language can also be detected in Mail, Safari, and other apps. See Use events, contacts, and other items found in emails and Detect dates, contacts, and more in documents. In the Calendar app on your Mac, double-click or force click the event to open it. Create or modify all-day or multiday events. Set up a repeating event. Add location and travel time to events.

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Set event alerts and receive notifications. Invite people to events. Add notes, a URL, or files to events. Move events to another calendar. Use different time zones. You can also drag the left or right edge of all-day events.

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You can also drag the event to the small calendar in the bottom left of the calendar list. You may also be able to leave a comment for the event organizer or propose a new time. See Reply to invitations. If you receive a calendar event from an unknown sender, you can report it as junk and delete it without notifying the sender. If you use Handoffyou can switch between your Mac and other devices while creating, modifying, or viewing events and calendars.

iCal Events

To open an event handed off to your Mac, click the Handoff Calendar icon that appears at the left side of the Dock. Enter the event details. Add an event using natural language Quickly create events in Calendar by entering the name and other event details using natural language. In the Calendar app on your Mac, do one of the following: Create a new event: Click the Add button in the Calendar toolbar, then enter a description of your event.