My advise to you if you are planning to buy this powerful bull is, make sure the courier guy sends it to your door step. Better still, just ask him to put it near your TV or computer depending on where you want to assemble it. So all you need is just about RM to own this bull. Secondly, I am pretty sure some things are missing from the box e. Probably I should just show you the unboxing video so that you will have a rough idea on what to expect. Here you go :. The first thing that I noticed upon assembling the speakers is the wooden outlook.

Good quality speakers are usually made of wooden body as it helps to reduce the sound resonance. Probably it is time for me to get a gym membership? Well, the weight also indicates how good the build quality is. With great price, comes great weight. So have fun yo. I like how the Subwoofer is connected to the main active satellite. If you notice, it is connected wirelessly and the advantage here is, I can place the subwoofer where ever I like e.

It also helps to keep my table less cluttered. Of course, there is a trade-off to this where you now need two power plugs, one for the subwoofer and the other one for the main satellite unit.

It makes a huge difference to your music experience when you place the speakers at the correct spot. There are plenty of connectivity options for the SDB. I always connect my phone to the SDB via Bluetooth as it is pretty straight forward and less tedious. So I will skip that part.

Getting started with the SDB is a no-brainer. Just look at the remote and everything is pretty clear there. Powering the speaker, changing input sources, activating Bluetooth, adjusting volumes and even fiddling with your favourite music tracks is made simple, thanks to the RCA IR remote controller. Speaking about the remote, I am in love with it the moment I took it out of the box.We do not currently ship to PO boxes.

Please supply a standard street address for shipping purposes.

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This can mean that your payment did not fully process or complete. Typically, the charge will be reversed within days. If you are still concerned, or the charges do not reverse after a week has passed, contact your bank or credit card company, and let them know about the issue.

We allow returns for up to 30 days after the initial purchase date. Please email support at support edifier. The first email you should receive is a confirmation of your order. If you have not yet received it, it means we are still processing your order. Once your item has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

Products usually take between business days to arrive. If they do not arrive within the estimated time frame, please email support at support edifier. Please allow up to 1 business day to give us time to mark your order for fulfillment.

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Try using PayPal Express Checkout and choose credit card.All remotes are fully sanitized at time of shipment. Stay Safe! Trust us, there is a difference. This remote needs no programming to control the unit it was provided with, has no codes to enter, and has all the functions needed to control your unit with ease.

It is easy, pull it out of the professional packaging, insert new batteries, sit back and watch it work.

edifier remote codes

Feel the difference great support makes. And we are not talking about just putting new batteries in. We help you find manuals, assist in troubleshooting and we provide any help we can to be sure you are "back in control". All remotes we sell ship free within the USA, with free shipping insurance as well.

Edifier R1010BT vs Edifier R1280T -- Sound Demo

All units we sell are in stockand promptly ship the same or next day. All remote controls are thoroughly tested and professionally packaged. We treat your personal information as if it were our own. Your information is never sold and is never transferred to anyone. It is only used for the purpose of promptly delivering a quality product to your doorstep.

In the Southern US, they are called " Clickers " originating from the days when remotes made a clicking sound when buttons were pressed. Due to the sound "clicker" quickly became synonymous with "remote control. Other parts of the US use the term " controller " or "remote controller". Maybe this derived by describing the person who had the remote control in their hand, they became the "controller"? Who knows, but the name stuck and millions call it a "controller" today.

About "Generic" Remote Controls, and how to spot them Don't be fooled, you will never find the ease of use or quality in a generic replacement remote. Our experience in listening to our clients is they are of inferior quality, and many times do not function the same as an original OEM branded replacement remote control. Many clients come to us after their recent generic purchase has failed, or does not operate the way the original replacement did. Some report having to enter codes to program the remote to function properly.

There are many clever ways these are marketed I cant' see the light working on my remote! Not to worry, you can't.

The little light you point at your unit with the remote is infra red. Infra Red light cannot be seen with the naked eye. So not seeing this infra red light has no indication as to whether the remote is functioning properly or not. Good News!

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Infra red light be seen with a smart phone in the selfie mode. Just point it at the smart phone in selfie mode, and press buttons. You should see a flash of infra red light as the buttons are depressed on the remote control. This means the remote is functioning.

If the infra red light stays on constantly, or never comes on, the remote is defective. See more in the troubleshooting link at the top of the page. Most remotes were produced for a variety of units. However, if you need help, let us know.For the first time, Edifier has brought cutting edge sound technology to a classic style.

edifier remote codes

These speakers elevate the classic style of bookshelf speakers to the next level of sound with modern sensibilities and advancements.

The SPro bookshelf speakers are the perfect blend of classic design and high performance. Edifier paid much attention to detail with the time-consuming process of wood processing seen on these hi-tech bookshelf speakers. The Spro gives you the feeling of luxury and edgy all at the same time.

The SPro comes packaged with a professional wireless remote control for easy volume control, input select, EQ mode selection along with other operations. Never get up from your couch for audio adjustments again. The elegant SPro bookshelf speaker wireless remote control gives you power at your fingertips and are well suited for the studio monitor bookshelf speakers. The control makes it easy to manage volume, change inputs, choose which EQ mode you prefer, and control other operations.

Remote - Spro Enhanced control at your fingertips. EQ mode selection volume control input select. In stock. Remote - Spro Features Support. Remote - Spro Features Support s.

edifier remote codes

Remote Control The SPro comes packaged with a professional wireless remote control for easy volume control, input select, EQ mode selection along with other operations.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldAM - Thread Starter. IR functionality. I'm just wondering if there is such thing as certain IR remotes not working with any universal remotes? I have the edifier RDB speakers. They come with a garbage IR remote. I emailed the company and they said that edifier is not compatible with any third party remotes.

To me that seems kind of skeptical. I want to run these speakers, a hisense tv and a bell satellite receiver in one remote. The speakers do not have an arc connection which is the reason why i cant use the tv volume. Remove Advertisements. OldAM. I would try to Learn the IR commands by pointing the existing remote to the receiver of a smart remote that supports learning. I seem to remember that some IR remotes work on a different frequency so that may complicate things.

It's been too long so I can't remember what to do about that. I am thinking GlobalCache devices do too. Allonis LLC. OldPM.

A JP1 remote can reproduce any consumer IR signal since we can analyze and build any protocol at a specified frequency. Certain protocols are nearly impossible to learn however, like XMP. But JP1 can easily reproduce it.

I just downloaded some Edifier codes. I'll analyze them and post back. A couple are device But they're definitely learnable and importable via pronto hex or other format of your choice. Last edited by mdavej; at PM. I got all my devices running now from one remote. I think the remote is worth more than the tv it came with hehe. Thanks for your help. BB code is On.Not to worry, we can help. We will get these accessories to you as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying your Edifier speakers.

Speaker stands will not only free up floor or bookshelf space but also create a whole new listening experience. By having the speakers at ear level you can now listen to every minimal sound. For less clutter, the wires are hidden inside the stand for a clean look. Accompanied with mounting hardware, long speaker cable, optical cable and auxiliary cable extension. Stylish wireless remote helps you control your out-of-the-box speakers.

From slick, stylish remotes, to dome shapes with LED lights, these controllers will put power back in your hands. So small it can fit in your pocket. Featuring unique shapes, LED indicator lights and LCD displays, you may even say they are cooler than wireless remotes. Control volume, track navigation and power.

Spread your speakers further apart. Edifier also carriers replacement for original speaker cables if you misplaced or accidentally damaged it. A reliable power source is the fundamemtal factor for audio performance. Using Edifier original power adapters ensures high quality audio from your Edifier products.

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Edifier Original Accessories. Airpulse Stand ST SPro Stands.

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Wired Control WC12 - S Remote RC30B - e Remote - Spro. Optical Cable. Remote RC25B - e Remote - RDB.

Code list 3

Remote RC2. Wired Control WC6 - M Cable E Remote RC25A - e Remote RC10A1 - B3. Remote RC10 - RT.

edifier remote codes

Shop Now.Add the following snippet to your HTML:. Use your TV's IR remote to control the volume and mute of separate speakers without using the speaker's remote. Project showcase by davelook. It's a pain to keep 2 remotes at hand. Space was tight, and you can see from picture I used creative soldering to place the components.

Please log in or sign up to comment. One code goes in, another comes out A different way of having a single remote without needing a universal one. Project in progress by Team Trouble. Project tutorial by the lonely programmer. The IR remote is controlled by a. NET application. Build a simple automation project using Arduino Uno and IR remote. Sign In. My dashboard Add project. Project showcase. Soldering iron generic Hot glue gun generic. I used hot glue to mount the Nano between the grill and speaker.

See "IR Remote" tutorials elsewhere for how to do this. IR translator schematic Download.

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Author davelook 1 project 2 followers Follow. Respect project. Similar projects you might like. Powered by. Keep me signed in on this device. Or connect with your social account: Login with Arduino. Arduino Nano R3.

EDIFIER RC10B Original Replacement Remote Control

Blue LED. USB Pigtail. Soldering iron generic. Hot glue gun generic.