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Skip to main search results. Amazon Prime. Eligible for Free Shipping.Order your copy today! On30 Extra Board. Use the popular Bachmann Trains refrigerator car model as a core to make your own colorful freight cars using pre-printed cardstock sides.

We sometimes forget our model locomotives are as much machinery as they are scale representations of the prototype; perhaps more so. You can replace the gears in your Bachmann On30 Shay for more reliable and precise operation.

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On30 Product Reviews. Decoration and minor detail miscues aside, this a very good O scale model of a numerous, well-known and well-preserved class of narrow gauge cars. Both kits from RS Laser include two custom fitted plywood decks with double sided tape applied to attach the deck to the host car as well as Grandt Line O scale brake wheels and ratchet and pawl castings for two cars to replace those removed when new decks are installed.

Welcome to the Bachmann Trains Online Store.

The kit for the tank cars also includes Standard Oil Company decal sets to add to the tank of each car. The Frank J. All rights reserved.

0n30 locomotives

The On30 Annual is the only publication dedicated to O scale narrow gauge model railroading. On30 Blog Stuck at Home? Time to Build Some Models! On30 Extra Board Re-gearing the Bachmann On30 Shay We sometimes forget our model locomotives are as much machinery as they are scale representations of the prototype; perhaps more so. On30 Product Reviews RS Laser add-on deck for Bachmann freight cars Both kits from RS Laser include two custom fitted plywood decks with double sided tape applied to attach the deck to the host car as well as Grandt Line O scale brake wheels and ratchet and pawl castings for two cars to replace those removed when new decks are installed.

Explore the world of White River Productions.You may remember that a few months ago, I purchased a 3D printer, and I was experimenting with printing an OO9 loco shell.

I followed that up by scaling it to O scale to see what an On30 version might look like. I got back from the Amherst show reinvigorated, and with an armload of goodies for the layouts. I did have a shopping list a couple of Kato N-gauge power chassis and some Peco HOn30 trackand managed to find nothing on it.

0n30 locomotives

But, I did find a lot of useful stuff -- a bunch … Continue reading Springfield Spurt. Last week, I shared a picture of the first print from my new 3D printer. You may recall that it was a failure, though not necessarily a dismal one. So, undeterred, I set about to print again today. I mentioned the other day that I purchased an inexpensive 3D SLA printer, and although I had some things I should have been doing today, I decided to go ahead and try a test print.

As you can see from the image above, my first attempt was not entirely successful. Let's see how much trouble I can get into with this! Here ya go, folks!

Steam Locomotives - On30

More hot action from this year's Midwest Narrow Gauge Show -- the biggest in history! The T-Trak modules were up and running in minutes!

An On30 Diesel 'Critter' Locomotive Kitbash

So, I've wandered around and taken some pictures! More later! No much of an update, really, except that to show that the little T-Trak layout is coming along, albeit slowly.

0n30 locomotives

I've had to shift gears for a few days to take care of some commitments with my band, but I should be able to get back to work in earnest on Sunday. Skip to content.

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Older posts.The On30 View. On30 Narrow Gauge Model Railroading. Monday, June 11, On30 Tunnel Portals. Are you in need of a tunnel portal or portals for your On30 layout? If so there are several options available -- either commercially available R-T-U ready to use or you can scratchbuild to meet your needs. A few of them are listed below. For a more complete list visit the Trains. Select list of magazine references to be supplied after research is completed.

Read More. The table below provides the basic information for the common ready-to-run engines available. Heisler Locomotive Works. Heisler Geared Locomotives Catalog. Erie, Penna. About this book from BarnesandNoble. Equipped with twin canted cylinders, the engine utilized a drive shaft to power outboard axles and connecting rods to power the inboard axles. As a result of this 'vee-twin' arrangement, the Heisler was one of the fastest geared steam locomotives, providing more power with lower operating costs.

Over Heislers were produced from the 's untilwhen the Heisler Locomotive Works closed its doors. This reproduction of the company's illustrated catalog dates from the 's. It shows the full line of Heisler products and presents a compelling argument for their use. Kline, B. The Heisler Locomotive, Kline,pages.

About this book from BookFinder. Chapters include a biography of Charles L. Heisler, a description of the Stearns Manufacturing Co. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos.

With bibliography and index. Some copies of the book contain an Addenda and Errata Sheet with list of existing Heislers as of November, Also please bear in mind that On30 modeling is O scale modeling. So many O scale items such as structures, detail parts, scenic items, circus items, etc. This opens a whole portfolio of suppliers of O scale items for the On30 modeler.

This page is not and will likely never be complete. Within my time constraints and knowledge about a supplier this page will get updated. The On30 View. On30 Narrow Gauge Model Railroading.

May 16, No comments. This post is simply a list with links to suppliers of On30 products. If the supplier has an active web site it will be linked, otherwise just the supplier name is provided.

Also some suppliers may not be shipping products at this time, but we've included the information for reference anyway since their products may appear on the secondary market. Additionally we've provided information on what categories of On30 products this supplier has available note a supplier's products may vary over time and this could affect categories, so please take this as a general indication only.

Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Post a Comment. When I initially was considering modeling in On30, one of the first areas of research was the minimum radius required to operate the various On30 Manufacturers and Suppliers. If the supplier has an active web site it will be linked On30 Models -- Physical Dimensions.

About Michael Greene An active modeler in scale S scale since and a new On30 modeler, Michael's primary interests are in model railroading, structure modeling and control systems for model railroading. Mobley Memorial Library. View my complete profile. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

On30 Model Train Locomotives

Comments Atom. Search This Blog. Powered by Blogger.Skip to main content On30 Trains. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. I had to return my first set due The train track assembly is not so easy.

I had to return my first set due to defective track. Most pieces fit together easily, but several were very difficult to attach causing bending of connections and they did not fit flush, so train kept derailing.

I used a pliers to try to rectify and ended up mutilating connections. Also some of detailing broke off very easily. Amazon was extremely fast to send me a new set before I even returned the first one. My second track assembled much easier, but to my dismay, 3 of the curved tracks had same issue as first set.

I was able to resolve issues with track after about an hour of playing with connections. I used small pliers again and also discovered that rail can be pushed with screw driver to left and right. Train is running great now, but glad I leave my village Add to cart. In stock. Hope to have it fully running soon" - by David Somers.

Hope to have it fully running soon.

0n30 locomotives

Good price, good looking, and more fun for me! Looks great on my logging train flat car. See All Buying Options. Currently unavailable. Looks great with my mine cars. I like ON30 by Bachmann in general, this Porter style ran perfectly and smoothly, comes in the impressive Spectrum box, easy to open and surdy for storage.

DCC lights and speed. I would like to put smoke in it if possible. Some extra, different smoke stacks are included. Nice documents with clear picture diagrams. I have seen this model go for to I sometimes turn off the other trains and just listen to this one.

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Very quiet motor and makes perfect rail clacking sounds. Wish all my locos were this quiet.

Bachmann On30

Headlight has dim function or off. It is very bright on full. It's a lovely model with very good details. On30 Spectrum Tank, Silver. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. In Stock. Awesome train. He loves watching it move and he blasts the horn and bell constantly.Many of the other kits are in stock also.

And, if you are in need of structures or building parts for your O scale layout, check Rusty Stumps for some of the best parts and personalized service. Laser cut wood kits for On30 gauge 30" track. These have been referred to as "scratch kits" as some ability to work with scratch building materials is helpful. However all main pieces are laser cut and ready to assemble. Everything should work as before but if you have problems, contact me at: On30IMA comcast.

T he modeler should have a basic understanding of car types and part nomenclature. Beginners may encounter a learning curve, which can be good. Please read the instruction page before purchasing a kit to make sure you are able to complete the assembly. And I am always available for help. All laser cutting and detail parts are made right here in the U S A. The kits are a basic, general style and usually follow no particular prototype. However, they are based on design principals used during the heyday of narrow gauge.

They can be easily modified or added to by the builder. These kits are also useful for On3 and Sn Look in the Modeler's Gallery to see what others have done. Most of the kits are now available by going to the Purchase Kits page. To keep costs down, instructions and documentation are provided on the web site.

The modeler can also purchase additional detail parts of his own to further improve the car. Basic detail parts are included in the kit which can be seen in each cars Assembly Instructions. Because of the large variety available, trucks and couplers are not included in the kit price. However, we have made arrangements to offer one style of trucks and couplers at additional cost if you so choose.

Otherwise, the modeler can purchase other ones that fit the rest of his rolling stock and locos. We do not spend any money on advertising, instead relying on word of mouth and modeler's recommendations on the various forums. If you like this kit, a good word to your fellow modelers and on the forums is always welcome.

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If you have a comment or improvement suggestion, we always welcome those. Our goal is to provide a quality kit at an affordable price.